Host Eric Jordan and Anthony Sellers discuss the moves made by the Cleveland Browns so far in Free Agency. They talk about the acquisitions of Tyrod Taylor, Jarvis Landry, Carlos Hyde, and the trading of Deshone Kizer. They also talk about whether to keep Corey Coleman or pickup Terrell Pryor, and also the retirement of Joe Thomas. They also share their thoughts on what the Cleveland Browns should do in the 2018 NFL draft.

I been following this local producer named Elliot Metcalf aka and i just love his beats, he makes me want to make beats, and I have been more active on my music production because of his Instagram post of his beats. Also I realized that there has not been any local hip hop shows lately and back when I was more active in the community we had a great hip hop community in Morgantown. So I decided to throw a FREE hip hop event so we can reignite the hip hop scene, plus give Elliot a platform to showcase his beats, and any other local hip hop artist. So this is a recap of our first “We Got Beats, Do You Have Bars?” event, and our next one will be March 22, 2018 at

Hey guys this vlog 4Pz will be taking a small break to work on somethings that will make this vlog much better. After 20 + episodes I see alot of thing I can do better, but need time to set it up. My other vlog Blind Faith Beats will still be active every Friday. Once i get 4Pz the support it deserves behind the scenes, we will pick up right where we left off. See you guys soon!

Me and Willie Pruitt aka Willz P wrote and recorded this hook on a beat I did a few years ago, but never did anything with it. So I got with keyboardist Xavier Williams and remixed the beat, and had Willie re-sing the hook. The beat is available on my beatstsars webpage. Checkout the beat and see you next week!
Get the Promise Beat and Hook at
Get the Promise beat with no hook at

the drum in this video was a custom drum my dad had made for me, but it signifies the start of my performing journey, I was about to write the start of my creative journey, but that actually started with vinyl records. It was this drum where I started to first perform in public with my father around the age of 8, or 9, not sure. I been performing for my family a few years doing Jackson 5 routines, but my Dad decided to put me into his act as a drummer, and I never stop performing since. A few years before my Dad passed away we did one last performance at a open mic with my friend Ryan Dunkerly, and we incorporated the drum bringing it full circle. Love my drum, and love and miss my Dad. Hope you like the video! See you next week!

Where Do People in Dreams Come From?: And Other Poems

Sing Me Different

6’6 240 – “Country Boy” (Feat. Big Chief & Jathara) [Big Boi Tactics]

I found another sample of a Patrices album, you can check a couple episodes back to hear the first beat, but this is a different beat, but same album. Xavier Williams came and laid down the bass line for me, and I dropped some drums on top of it, used a new soundkit from Hope you like the beat, and see ya next week.

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