4Pz: The Pain & Pleasure Pa$$ion Produced Episode 4 – Garrett x P$ x QUIE

Garret Yurisko is a close friend of mine, and we work on a lot of video projects in the past. He is my photo / video support guy, I’m new to photo and video, i’m a music guy, but when i need to know something Garrett is my go to person for that medium. This summer we started to get together and have production meeting about content we both were working on, we make it fun by going to a new spot each time for food and drinks, in this episode we are at Tera Cafe in Morgantown / Star City WV and the food is great.
Me and Garrett worked on a video project for QUIE when we first formed the band, but we did not keep up with it, we wanted it to be a series, but it never really came to life, so i guess this would be considered a pilot show that never got picked up.
For the shoot we focused on a collaboration session we did with P$ from Charleston WV, some one we met doing numerous open mics in Morgantown, and P$ was the open mic king, could freestyle over any genre or beat, he is a really good freestyler, he would walk around with this boom box necklace he made and bust a freestyle whenever asked, or not asked. I been wanting to collaborate with him for awhile, so when we decided to try a series for the band he was my first choice of what we should do, check it out, it was a fun day.
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Browns In Our Blood Episode 5

This weeks episode Anthony Sellers, Kelen Conley, and Eric Jordan go over a few football topics such as is preseason games for evaluating players or games? They also discuss Deshone Kizer winning the starting QB job for the Cleveland Browns. Good Morning Football on the NFL Network had a video contest that Eric Jordan entered, but didnt win, but they show the video of that. A recap of last weeks preseason game with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and also what they look forward to this thursday against the Chicago Bears for the last preseason game.
The guys started a Fanduel League thats open to anyone who wants to play at

The also plugged Anthony’s new podcast with Gary Wolfe called Fantasy Football Bosses, check that out at

See ya next week!

4Pz: The Pain & Pleasure Pa$$ion Produced Episode 3 Open Mic Nights

In this episode i covered one of the many open mics at 123 pleasant St in Morgantown WV, its a night a bunch of local musicians come out and socialize, play, and collaborate with each other. This was during the summer, so if you ever been in a college town during the summer you know its a dead scene, but us locals enjoy this time becomes its not so busy, and traffic is a lot better. This open mic my band QUIE was playing as the house band which means i get to kick it with them for the night and we always have fun together. My buddy Joh Harper, aka Johnny harmonic came out after he got off work which was a bonus. Me and Johnny have been making music now for over 10 years, and he is simply one of my best friends in the whole world, you can see how goofy we get when we are together. love the dude. caught up with another friend of mine, local pro boxer/rapper/entrepreneur Eric Watkins aka 1 Arm Bandit, he got me caught up on whats going on in his life. talked to a new local hip hop act out of Wheeling WV by the name of David Wood, they told me about their new project they were releasing. Overall I had a blast as always at 123 pleasant St.
In the Blindfaith Beats segment of 4Pz, I worked on a beat that had a sample I been wanting to work with for years by Raphael Saadiq called “Excuse Me”, pulled Xavier Williams into the session for some keys. Very cool beat which you can check out at

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Browns In Our Blood Episode 4

This week on Browns In Our Blood host Anthony Sellers and Eric Jordan talk about how the Browns did versus the New York Giants on Monday Night Football. They also discussed when they thought Deshone Kizer would take over as the starting QB over Brock Osweiller. They spoke of what they wanted to see in the 3rd preseason game versus the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Both Anthony and Eric was impressed with the defense of the Cleveland Browns, and alot more.
Hope you like this episode, and see you next week.

4Pz Episode 2 – The Pain & Pleasure Pa$$ion Produced “Fathers to Sons”

Me and and DJ Dollar decided to go to our friend DJ Sean Nice CD Release party for his first musical release from his R&B duo “On The Prowl”, the name of the CD is called Legacy. Sean Nice is a local DJ legend in the Morgantown / Pittsburgh area, but his close friends know he is a extremely talented musician and singer, and he has put his music on hold for years because he is always booked as a DJ so his friends have been waiting on this day for years. When we got to the venue in Uiontown PA, it was already packed, it was a all white event and with your ticket came a complimentary buffet and open bar, yeah Sean did it right! One of the highlights was watching his son open up for him as a DJ, also seeing all the local DJs there was great. Once the show started the group OTP did about 5 songs, and then it just turned into a old school hip hop jam, and we partied hard! Great event, and the performance was good.
This week on Blindfaith Beats, which is always at the end of my 4Pz videos, I finished up a song I was working on with my son, and Xavier Williams. It’s always special to work with my son, it reminds me of when I use to work with my Dad on projects, something me and my father did my whole life, and I cherish those times, so too be doing it with my son it just feels full circle. On this beat i started off with just the metronome running and my son then came up with a bass line, i then put some drums under it, I love the congas in this beat I added by the way. Jump to a month or so later and I bring in Xavier to lay some keys on top of everything and as usual Xavier just took it to the next level. I really like this beat, and its for sale at our Beat Stars page. See you next week!

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Browns In Our Blood Episode 3

For this episode we jumped in the car and headed to Berea Ohio to see the 2017 Cleveland Browns practice, and it was awesome! We start of the episode in the car hitting I-79 from Morgantown WV to Cleveland. Once we arrived at the practice facility we into what felt like a amusement park for football, full of food and local business vendor trucks, merchandise shops, interactive games like the 40 yard dash where you can clock your time, it was overwhelmingly good for Brown fans like us. The best part was watching up close the players on the team, things you dont get to see in little video clips by national TV sport shows. Without this trip Im sure we would feel like Deshone Kizer is the best QB in camp based off the NFL & ESPN Network highlights, but the real eye test showd at the time, and this practice day that Brock Osweiller looked the best. Also the size of these players you can not really get until you see it in person, that goes for both extremes, for example Myles Garrett is incredibly big, but Cory Coleman looked smaller than what I thought.
Really enjoyed seeing Greg Williams coach in action, he lived up to the hype. Honestly I wish I could go to all the Browns practices, i envy the citizens of Berea Ohio. The pro shop with Browns merchandise was very cool, but expensive, but some really cool stuff. I had a hot dog and nachos while I was there from one of the vending trucks, it was really good. Once we left the practice, right down the street was a resteraunt that one of the parking attendants told us to try called The Beer Garden https://www.facebook.com/MiddleburgBr… it was extremely delicious, the decor was amazing, really did not want to leave that place. So once we got back on the road after attending practice and having some great food is when we started to record for this weeks episode. We recapped the first preseason game vs the New Orleans Saints, we also talked about what stood out to us about the practice we just observed, we also talked about the quarterback competition, and our on going debate about Kenny Britt and much more. Hope you like this episode, and see you next week.

4Pz “The Pain & Pleasure Pa$$ion Produced Episode 1

Welcome to my 4Pz weekly video series! 4Pz stand for The Pain and Pleasure Passion Produced. this video series will document my social life and also my beat making process. This first episode starts with me visiting my sister back in my hometown of Cleveland Ohio. She wanted to show me around Cleveland where they have been going though a gentrification. Lebron James bringing millions to the city and downtown is expanding and converting some poverty neighborhoods. My sister played a small trick on me though when she took us to our old apartments in the West Side projects on 428 Street close to downtown, I havent been back there in over 40 years, brought back alot of memories.
The second half of these 4PZ videos will deal with my music production and whatever beat, or song Im currently working on, this segment of 4Pz will be called “Blindfaith Beats”. In this segment of blindfaith I work on a new beat technique I wanted to try where I sample my friends and make beats out of stuff they say or do. I use my friend Willz P for this one, he is a local singer who I have worked with before on my soundvizion recordingz label. Once i sampled him and found a sample i liked i then brought in my band QUIE http://quiemusic.com/ to play over top of the loop idea. My bass player Ryan came in first, and completely switched my beat around, but it sounded good so we went with that, then a couple days later my keyboard player Xavier Williams came in and layed the finished touches to it.
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Browns In Our Blood Episode 2

In this week of Browns In Our Blood which is hosted by Anthony Sellers and Eric Jordan, they talk about Brock Osweiler getting the start for the first preseason game against the New Orleans Saints. They also talk about Isaiah Crowell contract year, year two with coach Hue Jackson, and expectations of this first preseason game against the new orleans saints.
This video series airs weekly every Wednesday at 4PM