4Pz The Pain & Pleasure Pa$$ion Produced Episode 7 A Night Out In Morgantown WV

This is a example of a perfect night out in Morgantown West Virginia for me. It started with visiting my DJ buddy DJ Arthurking, creator of Power 909 Online Radio http://power909.com/ and just catching up with each other, DJ Arthurking is currently into flying virtual planes, and we talk about that, and what kind of music he has been listening too. I then head to 123 Pleasant St to meet up with my friend, and music partner Ace Beanz, me and Ace Beanz have been releasing music since the late 1990s, and our family’s grew up on the same block of white avenue in South Park of Morgantown WV. Me and Beanz have a couple drinks and just talk until the bands start playing. The main act of the night is Neo Soul artist Xenia Rubio, but my band QUIE is opening up, and another local artist by the name of Rebecca Berhanu, she is very talented. One of the highlights of the night was bartender Donnie telling us a story about finding Ace Beanz referenced in a local book by a story from Glenn Taylor, it kind of blew everyones mind. Also had a short conversation with Xavier Williams about how the live aspect with our band was coming, and also about how our studio sessions have been going.
Blindfaith Beats is a weekly segment of 4Pz thats focuses on a new beat we worked on in the studio. This weeks beat was a idea i had for a beat i made years ago, I wanted Xavier to replay the sample, and build of it, and thats what we did. This is a technique both me and Xavier are enjoying, recreating beats I made before that are sampled based.
You can download the beat for free, or if your an artist and want to purchase or lease the beat go to
Ace Beanz – Clearer

Monstalung Da Brand – Supercat

Browns In Our Blood Episode 8 Cleveland Browns Football VLOG

This week we decided to switch up the location a bit and go downtown Morgantown wV since it was such a nice day outside. We recapped last weeks Cleveland Browns vs the Baltimore Ravens game. talked about whoo stood out from that game. Discussed keys of beating the Indianapolis Colts this Sunday. Also we talked about our Fanduel Football Friends League which you all are welcome to join at https://www.fanduel.com/leagues/183816
We made our personal picks on who will be the X factor this week, and how the AFC North is shaping up.

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4Pz: The Pain & Pleasure Pa$$ion Produced Episode 6 – WV Writers Conference 2017

This episode was me attending the West Virginia Writers Conference in Ripley West Virginia with my mother. It was something my parents did every year, but with my fathers passing a few years ago I decided to go with my Mom because I know how much she enjoyed it. The conference was really good, got to meet WV legends Danny Boyd, and Larry Groce, and the writing techniques were really good, and exactly what I needed at the time. I really enjoyed the workshops by Donna Meridith, and Carter Seaton, 2 longtime West Virginia Writers. It was really cool that my Mom one award for a her latest book Flashback. Also had fun hanging out with Crystal Good, and Tuesday, make sure to checkout their Facebook Live videos, they are very entertaining. Met a amazing poet from West Virginia named Joseph Limer, a WVU alumni, he had some great material check him out on Def Jam Poetry

music used in 4Pz was:
6’6 240 – Keep On

My Blindfaith Beats for the week was a track that i had no behind the scenes footage, but i have a really cool story about the conception of the beat that was intriguing to me. the beat is hosted by Xavier Williams Beat Star account.
You can download at

Browns In Our Blood Episode 7 Cleveland Browns Football VLOG – The Tailgate

In this weeks episode we finally hit the regular season and ti was against our rivals the Pittsburgh Steelers. Due to uncontrollable circumstances the host could not be all together at the same time, but we made it work, and we will be back to our regular format next week. Eric Jordan actually went to the Cleveland game and has footage from the Cleveland Browns Tailgate.
In this episode we recap the Cleveland Browns versus the Pittsburgh Steelers Game, talk about rookie Deshone Kizer, and what the Browns need to do against the Baltimore Ravens this upcoming week.

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4Pz: The Pain & Pleasure Pa$$ion Produced Episode 5 “Drums, WCLG 1300 AM, & CaddyShack Sample”

In this weeks episode I help Cory Reynolds, a fellow basketball friend of mine with a drumming video demo he wants to make to shop to other bands, so I called up Mark Poole from Zone 8 recording studios in Granville WV because Mark deals more with heavy metal and rock acts, and has experience recording that kind of music. I love both genres of music, but have no experience in the studio with it. I dont have the greatest video cameras but they do a good enough job for me, but I used a couple different cameras on this shoot, my T3i DSLR and my Go Pro to get 2 different angles, the lighting could be better, but it was ok. On the way back home from that shoot I’m listening to WCLG 1300 AM, they play a lot of 70’s & 80’s classic that I like when “I’m Alright” by Kenny Loggins comes on the radio, which I love from the Caddyshack movie, the song has a cool breakdown that for some reason I never thought of sampling, but that happens to me a lot, it may take me hearing a song 20 times until I realize “hey that would be a good sample”. So immediately I go home, sample the break, add some drums, and just fell in love with the beat! Had to get Xavier Williams to come and add some keys to it, but was not knowing Xavier would steal the show on the beat, we even made a piano intro for it. This is one of my favorite beats of the year so far that I made, not sure its my #1, but its close. Checkout the beat and download it for free at

Also download Big Chief’s “More Than Your Feelings Hurt” for free at

Browns In Our Blood Episode 6

This week host Anthony Sellers and Eric Jordan invited a couple of their Pittsburgh Steelers friends, Gary Wolfe and Kevin Marshall to join them since game 1 of regular season starts off with the Cleveland Browns vs the Pittsburgh Steelers on September 10, 2017 in Cleveland Ohio. the group had a lot of trash talking going on, and discussed such topics as key match ups off the game, is money ball a good concept for the NFL, regular season predictions, and AFC North ranking predictions.
This episode was recorded at Barside Bar & Grill in Westover WV.

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