BlindFaith Beats Episode 12 DNK Drops The Wobble on Dope Man Dead Beat

On this episode of BlindFaith Beats me and my brother DNK, Ryan Dunkerly collaborate on a beat. me and Ryan are in a hip hop band called QUIE, with Xavier Williams. On this beat we kind of focused on the Subs and a wobble bass ryan fell in love with, it came out sounding pretty dope. No reason behind the name of the beat, its just what came to mind.
Download the beat at

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4Pz Episode 12 “My Dad was on the BlackStar Album reading his poem One Eyed Critic”

This week on 4 Pz, The Pain & Pleasure Pa$$ion Produced” I decided to release some video me and my Dad did before he passed that I never got a chance to be released. It was him describing how his poem “One Eyed Critic” was created, and used in the hip hop group BlackStar album on the song “Yo Yeah”.
Black Star is an American hip hop duo formed in 1997, from Brooklyn, New York City, New York. The duo is composed of rappers Yasiin Bey (Mos Def) and Talib Kweli. They released a number of singles and one album, Mos Def & Talib Kweli Are Black Star on August 26, 1998.
My father’s name is Norman Jordan, and has also gone by the name Peter Jesus, he was part of the black arts movement in the 1970’s in Cleveland Ohio. He speaks in this video about how Motown Records recorded a poetry reading at the Apollo Theater in New York, with other poets such as the Last Poets. It was this recording the BlackStar used my father reading of his poem on their album.
As a birthday present my brother Gandhi Jordan had a plaque made for my father , and my father speaks about that also in this video. He also talks about me calling him and telling him about it for the first time. I miss my Dad, and the stuff like this we use to do.

Hear the song “Yo Yeah” from BlackStar and featuring my father Norman Jordan at

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Browns In Our Blood Episode 13 Cleveland Browns Football VLOG – The Carson Wentz Frustration

Yes, the Cleveland Browns are 0-7, and the frustration level is at a all time high. Host Eric Jordan, and Anthony Sellers speak on the frustrations of watching the success of Philadelphia Eagles Carson Wentz, who the Cleveland Browns DID NOT draft last year, but could have, and the should of, could of, possibilities discussions that come with a losing record. They also talk about keys to winning the next game against the Minnesota Vikings, and also the future of current Cleveland Browns head coach Hue Jackson.
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BlindFaith Beats Episode 11 A Beat Making Video Series

If you been following my weekly video series 4Pz, you know at the end of each episode was a segment called “BlindFaith Beats” where i document my beat making process. I decided to make BlindFaith Beats it’s own show, which will know come out on Fridays. This is the first standalone session of Blindfaith beats, but the 11th episode of Blindfaith beats, hope that is not to confusing.
In this week of blindfaith beats i felt like dusting off the MPC and mess around with some vinyl. I dug up a old Gap Band album and found something to mess around with. You can download the beat for free at

4Pz: Episode 11- Crab Shack, Jimmy Cliff, and the Digital Nomads

First thing, if you have been following the 4Pz series, you know at the end we have a segment called BlindFaith Beats, well I decided that BlindFaith Beats will now become it’s own show every Friday at 4PM. 4Pz will stay on Wednesday at 4PM.
It just made sense to me to split the 2 shows up.
On this episode of 4Pz me and Ryan Dunkerly go check our fellow band mate Xavier Williams playing in his other band The Digital Nomads at the Crabshack in Morgantown WV. Me and Ryan had been in the studio earlier that day with Xavier, so it was a nice reward to get some seafood and drinks and here some good music from our friends.

background music was 6’6 240 & Jathara “Country Boi”, you can hear and download at

Browns In Our Blood Episode 12 Cleveland Browns Football VLOG

0 – 6 is the record of our beloved Cleveland Browns and the moral for fandom is low, so in this episode of Browns In Our Blood, host Anthony Sellers and Eric Jordan focus on on the objective of the Cleveland Browns and the 2017 NFL draft, which was defense. Instead of worrying about Deshone Kizer or Kevin Hogan’s quarterback play, focus on the defensive improvements.
Which at times has shown some promise. Myles Garrett looks like the real deal, and Joe Schobert is a awesome surprise. Looks like a long season if your a Browns fan, but if you look close you can see improvement.
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4Pz Vlog: “I’m on a Podcast about ME”, and Blindfaith Beats Episode 10

My friend Garrett Yurisko has a podcast called and ask me to be on it and just answer questions about my life. Garrett and his co-host Muff (his roommate) asked me questions about my childhood, music aspirations, playing college basketball, living in Salisbury MD, also where Muff is from, seeing a young Jayz before he was a rapper, and much more. I did not put the whole podcast on this episode of 4Pz because its too long for this series, but if you want to check it out you can here
In this week of Blindfaith Beats we focus on a beat Xavier Williams made, I just engineered this one, but all of Xaviers beats are dope, and you can hear and download this beat and more stuff at
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Browns In Our Blood Episode 11 Cleveland Browns Football Vlog

The Cleveland Browns are 0-4 and Browns In Our Blood host Anthony Sellers and Eric Jordan discuss the frustrations of being a football fan of a team with a 0-4 win / loss record. They also recap last weeks game against the New York Jets, and talk about the upcoming road game versus the Houston Texans. They break down the play of Deshone Kizer, Myles Garrett, and David Njkou.

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