4Pz Episode 16 “West Virginia University U92 91.7 FM DJ Reunion”

I was a college radio DJ for many years at West Virginia University 91.7 FM U92 The Urban Diner. Me and Kelen Conley aka B Hyphen had a show for some of those years and we have a lot of good memories and stories that we talk about in this episode. The radio station has a annual reunion where alumni come back in for a weekend to inspire and mentor current student DJs. One of the things that happen during that weekend is the alumni get to do a show again, which me and Kelen decided to do, turned out being a awesome idea! It felt so good to be back in that room playing hip hop, forgot how much i liked it. Hope you like this episode!


Browns In Our Blood Episode 17 Cleveland Browns Football Josh Is Back!

Only the return of Josh Gordon can excite a 0-11 fan base of the Cleveland Browns. On this weeks episode, host Anthony Sellers, Eric Jordan, and moderator Kelen Conley recap last weeks game against the Cincinnati Bengals, discuss draft possibilities, problems with the run defense, and the return of Josh Gordon.
They also go over the current standings of their Fanduel Fantasy football league, which is open to the public.

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Blind Faith Beats Episode 15 Live Studio Session with Quie and Dylan Sinclair Hip Hop Jazz

On this episode of Blind faith Beats, I dig in our vault for some unreleased video footage that I have always liked, but never finished, so I’m just going to release it here. it’s a live studio recording with Quie, my hip hop jazz band, and Dylan Sinclair, a local Morgantown WV rapper, who is living in California now. A couple years ago we planned to do a series of live recordings, but our schedules never lined up and we were not able to pull it off. The song we did is actually on our Itunes release, the song is called Professor X Groove, and was on our first EP Quie Pro Quo, which is available on Itunes, and all steaming services.
to download the song “Professor X Groove” by Quie & Dylan Sinclair go to

4Pz Episode 15 “My Family Reunion PT2” Richmond VA

This was Day 2 of our Family Reunion, day 1 was on the previous episode, if you havent seen it go check it out. On day 2 we had our traditional group picture. After that they gave us some free time and I joined my son for a :Faygo Soda Excursion, something he is into that deals with the Insane Clown Posse. Later that evening we had our dinner reception where my mother did some poetry, and my cousins did a dance routine. The next morning it was time to leave, me and my Mom took my son to the bus station to catch MegaBus from Richmond Va, back to Washington DC. While waiting on his bus, me and my son decided to have a impromptu photo shoot, which we had a ball doing. Had a great time with my family for our reunion.

Download “Sneaky Sadie” by QUIE at

Download “Savage” by Monstalung Da Brand ft Anamoly at

Download “There You Go” by 6’6 240 ft Juss at

Browns In Our Blood Episode 15 Cleveland Browns Football VLOG

The Cleveland Browns played a their best game of the season, but ended up with yet another loss. Host Anthony Sellers and Eric Jordan discuss the growth they saw in Deshone Kizer, quarterback for the Cleveland Browns. They debated on the effectiveness of the browns front office. Also the impact of linebacker Jamie Collins injury, and the upcoming game with the Jacksonville Jaguars.
They give a update to their Fanduel Fantasy Football league, that is open to the public.
See ya next week. Lets Go Browns!
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Blind Faith Beats Episode 14 “I Standard In Studio Beat Session Columbus Ohio”

My production team Quie wanted to get some professional feedback on our beats so we entered the i Standard In Studio contest, where if selected you get a one on one with a industry producer. So we submitted and was selected. This video covers the whole trip to Columbus Ohio where the session was happening. My crew mates couldnt make it so I had to go by myself, but its only a 3 hour drive from Morgantown West Virginia to Columbus so I was OK. Got some great feedback, did some great networking, and got to dig for some records at Used Records where they had a pre meet and greet with producer Streetruner, who has produced Eminem, Lil Wayne, Fat Joe, and Meek Mill. Hope you like the video!
Download the Pain of Quie at


4Pz Episode 14 – My Family Reunion Richmond Virginia 2017 Pt1

My family reunion was in Richmond Virginia. I have missed a few in the past and was really wanting to go to with this one with my mom, and my son also was going to meet us there, so I was looking forward to the trip.
First, I had to drive to Ansted West Virginia and pickup my mom, then we were going to drive to Richmond together. My son was meeting us in Richmond.
Our picnic was at Hadad Water Park, the kids got to go swimming, while the adults stayed by the food and drink, and socialized and reunited.
The reunion was held at the Embassy Suites, the whole family was there, and they have the bomb complimentary breakfast, and happy hour.I was supposed to go out later that night with the family to a military base party, but I got tired and went to sleep. The drive caught up with me. Day one was awesome, and Day 2 is better, but that will be in next weeks episode.

Download “Supercat” by Monstalung Da Brand at

Download “Top of the World” by ABreezy & Quie at

Download “The Way I Do” by Quie at

Catch you next week!

Blind Faith Beats Episode 13 Xavier Williams Making Hey Good Morning Beat on Abelton

This week on Blind Faith Beats Xavier Williams works on a beat at first called Ace 8, but then later turned into Hey Good Morning. Xavier talks about the different parts of the music track, and we see how Xavier records his keyboard sounds to make the beat, which is being recorded in abelton live.
You can hear and download this beat at
Picture by Christian Fregnan