4Pz Episode 19 Ansted WV to Atlanta Ga “Me, my Mom, and my brother Gandhi”

My Mom stays in Ansted WV during the summers, and spends her winter in Atlanta. So I usually help her with this trip by helping her move and drive, then fly back to the Pittsburgh Airport. My brother Gandhi lives down there too so It’s always a added bonus to spend time with my brother, and his children.
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Browns In Our Blood Episode 20 Cleveland Browns Football Vlog “Will Kizer Develop”

Our beloved Cleveland Browns are 0-14 and they only have 2 more chances to get a win before the season is over. Host Anthony Sellers, Eric Jordan, and special guest and Baltimore Ravens fan Dereck Edwards discuss topics such as last weeks game, the Cleveland Browns versus the Baltimore Ravens, can Deshone Kizer develop, what will it take to beat the Chicago Bears, and much more.
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I love to create period, but there are a handful of people that I REALLY LOVE to create with, and Johnny Harmonic is probably at the top of that list. I think we write scripts, then turn them into songs, and i just love that process. It’s like I’m good with concept, and Johnny is good with content. We wrote this song so long ago I could really remember how it was created until johnny started talking about it. I do remember him sending me the video from Los Angeles and my reaction, I never been more proud of a project. All artist have a visual idea for music they create, but what Johnny and his LA friends did for a video was way past my expectations. I like this song because it’s dope, but really because of what me and my best friend did together, I mean it’s one of my favorite songs Ive done, but it’s the process and who i did it with that means more to me.
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4Pz Episode 18 Father and Son Weekend Mission

Me and my son had a planned a weekend trip to Cleveland Ohio with the objective of 3 main things:
1. Go to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
2. Tailgate for the Cleveland Browns game.
3. Go see one of my son’s favorite groups in concert, TWIZTID, who was playing at the Rex Theater in Pittsburgh PA.
So we left Morgantown WV Saturday morning, and went straight to my brother lionels house, and we watched the West Virginia University mountaineer play for awhile, but eventually we went to downtown Cleveland to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, which was amazing. Later that night we kicked it with my sister Sherrie, and her husband Jerome.
Day 2: Sunday morning we get up at 6:00 AM to go tailgate at the Cleveland Browns Stadium until the game comes on, and then head back to my sisters to watch the game. After the game me and my son hit the road leaving Cleveland Ohio, and headed to Pittsburgh Pa to go see TWIZTID http://www.twiztid.com/ playing at the Rex Theater. Around this time my age is catching up with me, but as soon as the bands started playing I got energize. Another experience with my son that I will never forget.get Dope Man Dead beat by Monstalung & DNK at

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Browns In Our Blood Episode 19 “3 Games to WIN 1”

In this weeks episode, hosts Eric Jordan and Anthony Sellers give their thoughts on the Packers game, viewing it as the win that never came, discuss the changes to the front office. They give Sashi Brown recognition, but are on board with new GM John Dorsey. Is Hue Jackson’s job truly safe?

They also talk about Josh Gordon and his reaction on twitter to the Packers DB and finish off by highlighting some of the better players from the game and on the season.

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Blind Faith Beats Episode 17 The Making of the I’ll Be There For You

In this weeks episode of Blind Faith Beats we went into how me, keyboardist Xavier Williams recreated a beat and samples I made about 7 years ago. I also wrote a hook for the beat that went like this:
Don’t you think that i’m not down to ride.
I just got some things that I won’t do with my life.
but no matter, what you do.
In the end, I will be there for you.
Willz P, a Soundvizion recording artist performed the hook for me.
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4Pz Episode 17 “My 1st WV BlackBear Playoff Baseball Game”

This summer i went to my first WV BlackBear baseball game, which just happened to be a playoff game. My dear friend Pastor Shirley Robinson had some extra tickets and asked me and my wife if we wanted to go, my wife doesnt do live sports events so I brought my lil homie Garrett. Garrett and I work on numerous photo and video projects. Also me and Pastor Shirley also work on various music projects in Morgantown (she is awesome singer by the way), it was cool to do something with both Shirley and Garrett that wsnt work related. The ball park is awesome, small and intimate, not a bad seat in the place. food is very good, and the drinks were not too pricey at all. The location is sick, if you ever been to the new University Town center in Morgantown, it basically sits on a hill and over looks Morgantown, great view.

music by Ace Beanz “My Zone”

music by Jordan Clan “Fantasy Day”