If you know me 123 Pleasant St in Morgantown WV is my spot, I hang out there, I perform there, it’s my creative getaway. I’m always capturing footage from there, here is video collage of a few events I was apart of and attended. Footage from the Riff Raff & DJ Afterthought show with 6’6 240, DJ Dolla, and Ace Beanz. A EDM event, and a art show case with local artist and barber Samantha McClurg.
If you leave in Morgantown WV you need to support local artist and go to 123 Pleasant St, it’s a very cool place.

My son was in town to visit me for the holidays, and whenever he comes to town me, him and Xavier Williams like to get together and make music. I think it’s pretty cool that I create music with students of my fathers art academy http://normanjordanaaaha.com/ and myself am a product of the art academy. The bonus is also making music with my son, priceless.
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I have been eating Delano Wilson’s food for years, back when he use to be the chef at CUE in downtown Morgantown. Now he is the main chef at Mountain Mama’s. I stopped by to see the new spot, and It was not disappointing. if you are into wings, and burgers, and local craft beer you need to go to 1137 Van Voorhis Dr in Morgantown WV for some great food!
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Regular season is over and the Cleveland Browns are winless, making history for all the wrong reasons. In our last episode of the season we recap last week against the Pittsburgh Steelers, who did not even play their star players Levon Bell and Antonio Brown, but still was not enough for the Cleveland Browns to beat the Pittsburgh Steelers. We also discuss the upcoming playoff picture, and players we are looking forward to watching next season. Also we have frequent guest Gary Wolfe for our last episode, who is a Pittsburgh Steeler fan and gave his input on all of our topics.
We will be back in June 2018 for the NFL Draft where the Cleveland Browns have the #1 and #4 pick. See you in June.

My Mom stays in Ansted WV during the summers, and spends her winter in Atlanta. So I usually help her with this trip by helping her move and drive, then fly back to the Pittsburgh Airport. My brother Gandhi lives down there too so It’s always a added bonus to spend time with my brother, and his children.
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Our beloved Cleveland Browns are 0-14 and they only have 2 more chances to get a win before the season is over. Host Anthony Sellers, Eric Jordan, and special guest and Baltimore Ravens fan Dereck Edwards discuss topics such as last weeks game, the Cleveland Browns versus the Baltimore Ravens, can Deshone Kizer develop, what will it take to beat the Chicago Bears, and much more.
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I love to create period, but there are a handful of people that I REALLY LOVE to create with, and Johnny Harmonic is probably at the top of that list. I think we write scripts, then turn them into songs, and i just love that process. It’s like I’m good with concept, and Johnny is good with content. We wrote this song so long ago I could really remember how it was created until johnny started talking about it. I do remember him sending me the video from Los Angeles and my reaction, I never been more proud of a project. All artist have a visual idea for music they create, but what Johnny and his LA friends did for a video was way past my expectations. I like this song because it’s dope, but really because of what me and my best friend did together, I mean it’s one of my favorite songs Ive done, but it’s the process and who i did it with that means more to me.
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