Hip Hop Producers Pass The Aux Cord at Art Mon Gallery – Blind Faith Beats

Morgantown West Virginia hip hop producers get together at the Arts Mon Gallery to share beats, and socialize for the Pass The Aux Cord event hosted by Jordan Clan.
Artist Samantha McClurg showcased her latest art work, while hip hop producers El The Sarkaztik 1, Ace of Keys, CJEN, Rockstar Lifestyles, Lafel, Ha$h, and Monstalung provide hip hop beats as the soundtrack for this socializing event.

Baker Mayfield and Cleveland Browns puts NFL on Notice for 2019 | Browns In Our Blood

Host Eric Jordan, Anthony Sellers, Kelen Conley (Oakland Raiders fan), and special guest Pittsburgh Steeler Fan Gary Wolf talk Cleveland Browns Football, and pay up on fantasy football bets! They discuss:
1. Thoughts on the Browns vs ravens game.
2. Who will be the coach for the Browns next season.
3. Are the Steelers headed towards rebuilding.
4. Eric Jordan pays up on losing his bets to Gary and Anthony.
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