Johnny & The Monsta “Last Night” Official Video @JohnnyHarmonic1 @monstalung #juneizsoundvizion Day2

Me and Johnny have chemistry when it comes to songwriting, and it’s a fun time! I think it’s because we both have backgrounds in theater, and value concepts when it comes to songwriting. That chemistry and theater translates to the stage very well. We both have that “get your ass up” energy (or ADHD), and understand the importance of rehearsal, you would be amazed of how many acts dont rehearse before shows, MC’s or Rappers think that remembering the lyrics is a good rehearsal, they dont focus on stage pressence, song transitions, song order, and we are anal with that (pause).

We are both now working for big organizations that require 40+ hours of slavery a week, but every once awhile we hook up and let the magic happen, its real easy to do, shit just happens when the two of us get together on a Monstalung beat.

@AcebeanzJeff Raps about losing his best friend in the Video “4 Josh” #juneizsoundvizion Day1

Ace Beanz-4Josh [VIDEO]
“Me and Josh met in first grade and was best friends since, then we lived down the street from each other. He was everybody’s homie too, the whole hood loved him. Grazy, Ryu, and Debo. He died in a car accident at age 16, and if had not been for me being on house arrest, I definitely would have been there too. I felt my first album had to had a song 4 josh, and that is how the song came about.”- Ace Beanz

Whenever I DJ a Ace Beanz set locally in Morgantown WV and we got to the song “4 Josh”, you could see numerous glasses being raised in honor of his passed south park best friend. I recorded the song for Beanz, but did not do the beat, the homie Sam Gotti did the beat, but that was a serious session for Beanz, I could tell this song had more meaning than usual, and we gave it the time and dedication it needed. If you ever loss someone in your life, you will be able to relate to this song.

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