Thack’s Here featuring Willz P #juneizsoundvizion Day 20 [VIDEO]

Willz P gets in my car one spring day in Morgantown and is like “I want you to hear this track me and Thack did”, I new it was gonna be dope, because they had already recorded a few songs together, and they were all banging to me. It was very rare for me to hear something out of my camp that I did not engineer or produce, that is what made Phyr Squad intricate in their part of Soundvizion, hearing them create, would inspire me, we pushed each other, and since they were self maintained It would be refreshing to hear a finished song from my team that I never heard before. Thacks quick wit, along with meldoy and harmonies he adds to a song make him a incredible songwriter, I honestly think he would be one hell of a country music songwriter, the way he can tell a story. I honestly think Thack and the rest of Soundvizion is just getting started, we had to take a break because LIFE will do that to you, but we were born to create music, in the end I think that is where we will be.-by Monstalung

“Aww Ready” @monstalung ft Thack #juneizsoundvizion Day8 [VIDEO+FREE DOWNLOAD]

Another one of those beats that was just sitting around getting passed on, until Thack heard it. He wrote most of it right on spot. The horns in this beat always made me feel superhero-ish, and if you know Thack, he is a funny guy, we laugh most of the time we are doing anything, so when I bounced this idea for the video to thack, he just took it to another level creating “Camo Man”. I jumped in the fun and created “MonstaHat”, Thacks evil enemy. Me, Thack, and at that time Thack’s manager Christie Zachary went all around Morgantown finding scene spots, and shooting them, then laughing at the video playback, we had a a real fun time shooting this video.
The song is from a 4 song ep me and thack did called the Wing Chun Compsitions , since we both have a love for Bruce Lee, and Wing Chun is the style Bruce lee studied we went with that, i could easily make the title about how it connects with our projects, but honestly we just like Bruce Lee and it sounded good. -by Monstalung

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