Jathara “What It Is” Produced by @Monstalung #juneizsoundvizion Day5

Korey Jathara What It Is 1080
Korey Jathara Hubbard is one of the most talented songwriter and producer I have ever met in my lifetime, nothing but pure dopeness came out of this dude anytime he did anything creative. I have been in many studio sessions with many great artist, and their is a handful of them whose presence has “slightly” intimidated me, Jathara is that good, vocals, lyrics, beats, homie was the full package.
Saying all that, me and Jathara constantly butted head’s over numerous things about the direction of our music , the first verse of this song is about me. He wrote it after one of our arguments, which I wont get into, because it was meaningless, petty on both our parts, like most of the disagreements we had, and most of the time we were both right, but our communication with each other at that time was horrible. I came at him wrong in my hindsight, I would push buttons on my artist at times to motivate them, that did not really work with Jathara, who is a debater at heart, lord this boy should of been a lawyer.
To make it worse (I say this jokingly), but he wrote this verse on one of my favorite beats of the time, that’s the genius of this guy, I can never listen to this song, without Jathara getting the last word of this argument, ha ha. You got to admit that’s HBO level writing and story-line there.
Please believe we have the greatest of great times together, in the studeio, on stage performing, Korey is one of my best friends, our familys know each other, and we are bonded outside of the music, we have been through some of the same pains that life throw at you.
Jathara was very intricate in all the 6’6 240 projects as a producer, writer, and engineer.
We are planning to working on some new music this summer, that is something I really look forward too.
-by Monstalung
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@AcebeanzJeff Raps about losing his best friend in the Video “4 Josh” #juneizsoundvizion Day1

Ace Beanz-4Josh [VIDEO]
“Me and Josh met in first grade and was best friends since, then we lived down the street from each other. He was everybody’s homie too, the whole hood loved him. Grazy, Ryu, and Debo. He died in a car accident at age 16, and if had not been for me being on house arrest, I definitely would have been there too. I felt my first album had to had a song 4 josh, and that is how the song came about.”- Ace Beanz

Whenever I DJ a Ace Beanz set locally in Morgantown WV and we got to the song “4 Josh”, you could see numerous glasses being raised in honor of his passed south park best friend. I recorded the song for Beanz, but did not do the beat, the homie Sam Gotti did the beat, but that was a serious session for Beanz, I could tell this song had more meaning than usual, and we gave it the time and dedication it needed. If you ever loss someone in your life, you will be able to relate to this song.

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