Ah Right, OK (Feat. 6’6 240, Ace Beanz, A Breezy & Willz P) #juneizsoundvizion Day18

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Fresh Like Dougie was getting great feedback, 400,000 video views, and picked up by Music Choice TV on cable, everyone was feeling the team joining forces on the same song, so we decided to do a whole mixtape together. This song is off the “Santa & Soundvizion Save Christmas mixtape”. This song “Ah Ok” features 6’6 240, Ace Beanz, A Breezy, and Willz P, and they go in on the Jay Electronica track. Everyone had their own solo projects going on, but we were getting great music from the collaboration songs, we should of gave the “Voltron” idea a little more attention…maybe.-by Monstalung.

Monstalung Da Brand ft 6’6 240 aka Big SIX “Bet Big” [Jimmy Ha$lem] Produced by DJ Monstalung

Jimmy Haslem Car2

We filmed this 2 years ago in Cleveland, our main purpose was to shoot a video for the song “Always Be Down”.

Which we did, but we had a little energy left and decided to do a couple of takes for this new track we just got done working on. This song was apart of a unfinished project that we were working on, but never got released, we perform the song at shows, but never released it, bout time dontcha think? :) I really like this song, the beat is basic, but with a boom bap percussion that brings out that classic 6’6 240 delivery and flow. This is one of those songs that really defines our core songwriting, and performance, we kill this song on stage (guess you can tell I like this track, haha). Checkout for yourself!