“SupaCat” [VIDEO] ft @1abreezy @66240 @acebeanzjeff @johnnyharmonic1 @monstalung #juneizsoundvizion Day10

The making of this video was very emotional, we did this a couple years after everyone had relocated, and this was the first of our reunion show, and we coordinated this video shoot around everyone returning to Morgantown for the get together show. Johnny had been in LA for a couple years now, A Breezy just moved to LA also, in fact her and Johnny were roommates in Los Angeles, 6’6 240 moved to Cleveland, leaving me and Ace Beanz here in Morgantown. We recorded the song a year before, so I was just waiting on a time I could get everyone together to release it. So as you see in the video we did a 2 location shoot, one at the reunion show at 123 pleasant st (we call it home), and the other one was the next day in my backyard, and made a picnic out of it. The show was awesome, it was during the summer, and the small college town of Morgantown is kind of slow during that time, but it was a blessing in disguise because it made it more local with family and friends coming out to re-connect with old friends. Other member of Soundvizion where also there, such as Phyr Squad, B-Hyphen, Adam Payne, 808 Circus, Willz P, and we had a ball performing together. The next day we met up for the video shoot, and one thing about my squad, they can party, you get 6’6 240, Ace Beanz, A-Breezy, and Johnny Harmonic together, there is gonna be some drinking going on, which makes for a great picnic, but a dysfunctional video shoot, but it was way worth it, as much as I love this video, it doesn’t give justice to how much love and fun those 2 days were. We are doing our reunion show this coming Friday at 123 pleasant St June 16, 2016, everyone is trying to make it so it should be good. I wish i could get Paycheck Game, Marcus D’tray, DJ Bearcat, & Big Chief of 304 Reconz more involved with these shows, there is no Soundvizion without 304 Reconz, that is something we can work on in the future, because these reunion shows are not stopping anytime soon. It started as way to celebrate the music we made together, but in all honesty, its just a family Reunion with the loved ones, artist who build relationships with music and West Virginia as the common bond, but now its just about being with my best friends. -by Monstalung

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Jathara “What It Is” Produced by @Monstalung #juneizsoundvizion Day5

Korey Jathara What It Is 1080
Korey Jathara Hubbard is one of the most talented songwriter and producer I have ever met in my lifetime, nothing but pure dopeness came out of this dude anytime he did anything creative. I have been in many studio sessions with many great artist, and their is a handful of them whose presence has “slightly” intimidated me, Jathara is that good, vocals, lyrics, beats, homie was the full package.
Saying all that, me and Jathara constantly butted head’s over numerous things about the direction of our music , the first verse of this song is about me. He wrote it after one of our arguments, which I wont get into, because it was meaningless, petty on both our parts, like most of the disagreements we had, and most of the time we were both right, but our communication with each other at that time was horrible. I came at him wrong in my hindsight, I would push buttons on my artist at times to motivate them, that did not really work with Jathara, who is a debater at heart, lord this boy should of been a lawyer.
To make it worse (I say this jokingly), but he wrote this verse on one of my favorite beats of the time, that’s the genius of this guy, I can never listen to this song, without Jathara getting the last word of this argument, ha ha. You got to admit that’s HBO level writing and story-line there.
Please believe we have the greatest of great times together, in the studeio, on stage performing, Korey is one of my best friends, our familys know each other, and we are bonded outside of the music, we have been through some of the same pains that life throw at you.
Jathara was very intricate in all the 6’6 240 projects as a producer, writer, and engineer.
We are planning to working on some new music this summer, that is something I really look forward too.
-by Monstalung
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Monstalung Da Brand ft 6’6 240 aka Big SIX “Bet Big” [Jimmy Ha$lem] Produced by DJ Monstalung

Jimmy Haslem Car2

We filmed this 2 years ago in Cleveland, our main purpose was to shoot a video for the song “Always Be Down”.

Which we did, but we had a little energy left and decided to do a couple of takes for this new track we just got done working on. This song was apart of a unfinished project that we were working on, but never got released, we perform the song at shows, but never released it, bout time dontcha think? :) I really like this song, the beat is basic, but with a boom bap percussion that brings out that classic 6’6 240 delivery and flow. This is one of those songs that really defines our core songwriting, and performance, we kill this song on stage (guess you can tell I like this track, haha). Checkout for yourself!