#juneizsoundvizion Day 27 “BunnyHop” THACK

Every once in awhile I get stuck when making a beat, like I need to hear the vocal part before I move on, or it just sounds done, doesn’t need anything else but a vocal, but sometimes MC’s cant see that vision, it might feel like it’s not finished. This beat was like that, it was getting passed on by a couple of artist and I knew how “flow friendly” beat this was, but no one was biting, until Thack heard it, and rode that beat like a old rodeo hand (not sure if that is a actual term or not). Beats like this need a lot of punch lines, why i thought my brother 6’6 240 was perfect for it, but so was Thack. Thack went so hard with the punch lines that we tried to cater the video around his verses (hard to do with limited video budget, meaning none), not sure how successful we were, but it sure was fun! The video got really good feedback from the minute we released it.
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Its a very fun track, which is reflection of me and Thacks writing and recording sessions, they are fun. We really slay this song when performing it live, the crowd really gets into it, the beat has a natural bounce that is infectious blaring through BIG live PA speakers. Not sure why we called it BunnyHop, I’m sure its the bounce in the beat I was just speaking of, but this song was a example of my simplistic theory (later confirmed by Kanye West in the Rolling Stone article about when he met Rick rubin )My brother (6’6 240) later agreed he slept on the beat and concept once he heard BunnyHop. – by Monstalung

Ace Beanz & Johnny Harmonic “See Da Vizion” #juneizsoundvizion Day14

They come from 2 totally different environments, but Beanz and Johnny have a real bond.
Ace Beanz knows the poverty side of Morgantown, something you wont see in a WVU brochure, all college towns have that side of town, and Ace Beanz knows it very well.
Johnny Harmonic comes from a more of a family based community of Summersville WV, which has it’s sides of towns too which Johnny had to maneuver his way around, but a little different than Beanz.
I have known Ace Beanz since he was a small, I went to school with his uncles, Beanz and my baby brother (6’6 240) was best friends, but our family was connected way before they met.
I was introduced to Johnny by a mutual friend, Aaron Cruthers, he knew johnny through the theater department at WVU, I knew Cruthers because he was a bad ass musician who played for a couple of bad ass bands (The Emergency, LBC, and Big Ass Manatee) locally in Morgantown, he knew Soundvizion very well, and he thought Johnny would work good with us, and he was right.
When I introduced Johnny to the crew, he naturally gravitated to Beanz, and Beanz took him under his wing like a little brother. They balance each other out very well, Beanz is real laid back, while Johnny is always hyped and ready to get the party started. They both like to stay fresh with the clothes, and they truly enjoy each others company. Whenever we collaborate on a song and I know they are both going to be on it, i know the session is going to be fun, we all just really clique. You can hear it in this song, it represents how the 3 of us can “make the doughnuts” when we get together. -by Monstalung

Willz P “Neva Enuff” #juneizsoundvizion Day13

Alot of me and Willz p writing sessions go in the direction of whatever Willie is feeling that day, but on the day we wrote this song we were both dealing with relationship issues with our significant other. Well, my wife was home that day, and heard the writing and recording of this song, and I must say, she can’t stand the song, absolutely hates it, and i understand why. It’s hard being in a relationship with a artist, everything in life finds its way back to the art, which can become overwhelming for someone who just supports the art, its hard for them to understand that creativity is all we think, dream, talk, and breathe, that shit can get old to non-artist. On the other side of that coin, the artist who can write about their pain, and issues (not all artist can do this, some stuff is too personal for some artist) learn that writing about it becomes therapeutic, and what I have seen is that the real stuff is more relate-able to the music listener. Whats the line from the movie “Five Heartbeats, pain makes great songwriters”.
Let me take this quick moment to say this to my wife, “I know I’m not easy to deal with, but you can never say I’m boring, and you want find a man who loves you more, thanks for tolerating my passion”
No need to get into the song concept, it self explanatory, and WillzP performance of the song captured all the emotions, I flipped a Al Green sample on the beat, and it’s a perfect soundtrack to the story me and Willz P was trying to tell. -by Monstalung

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QUIE, my second wind. “Hey Baby Bubba” #juneizsoundvizion Day12

After all my artist had either relocated, or had responsibilities to take care of, for the first time in 10+ years, I had no projects to work on, so i took a hiatus from music, which coincided with going through a surgery for diverticulitis I had to have, so this was a time for reflection, and brainstorming on what my next step was going to be, if there was going to even be a next step.
I truly defined for me that music was my passion because through this tough time it was music that was getting me through this. So it was clear that my journey with music was no where near over, and since that was made clear, I knew I wanted to correct somethings I felt I was doing wrong.
1. Not enough preparation and creativity for live performances. Step the live game up.
2. All music decisions must be based around having fun. I have been strategic for years about releasing music, it’s my competitive nature, but it can pull you away from the pure enjoyment of creativity, and I’m not sacrificing that anymore.
In my mind, all that meant, was to create a live hip hop performing band / production team, and that EXCITED me, and it felt right.
As a promoter for live hip hop events in Morgantown WV, I use to book a act called DNK, and he was in another group called Cupcake and the Professor, his name was Ryan Dunkerley. He was real big on live looping, beat boxing, and a great musician who plays different instruments, with my digital sampling way of making beats we naturally hit it off, but our relationship has now surpassed just music. We had always talked about collaborating for a couple years back then, but because of schedule we could never make it happen, but now the stars aligned and we both had free time to create.
We had a couple sessions at my studio playing live with my mpc for samples and drums, and he would play guitar, and synths of abelton live, then we jumped right in to open mics. In fact our first open mic was at 123 Pleasant st and my father played with us and read poetry over the beats.
I been checking the evolution of Xavier Williams keyboard playing through my fathers African american arts and heritage academy, a summer art camp. Xavier has been a long time student, but now he was in college and happen to be in the area, I just love the way he plays, and had a sound I know would be good for beats, and exactly the live element that would work with what me and Ryan was doing. and it was, and is.
Man, I love this band, and the direction we are going. We have our second EP coming out in a few weeks, and we have been working on production for artist projects, I’m in a good space. -by Monstalung
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